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MISR EP54: Transitioning Into Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

Sterling Chapman spent considerable time in financial services, and the telecom industry where achieved extraordinary success climbing the corporate ladder. After reading, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” he realized he would need to have a backup plan should anything happen to his full-time career. He began buying single-family residences and duplexes two years ago, and is now transitioning into multifamily real estate syndications. Find out his reason for transitioning into syndications and what he believes to be the biggest obstacle holding people back from achieving their dreams.

About Sterling Chapman:

Sterling Chapman is a proud father, husband, barbecue enthusiast, triathlete, podcast host and real estate investor. He has a degree in finance from Louisiana State University and an MBA from LSU Shreveport where he graduated with honors. He started his finance career right out of college spending five years in the financial services’ industry focusing on insurance, investments and retirement planning. He then transitions to the telecom industry where he has had extraordinary success shooting up the corporate ladder being promoted an impressive seven times in six years. Through his corporate career he has mastered the art and science of sales, funnel management, marketing, account management, strategic business planning and financial forecasting. Sterling turned his attention to real estate investing two years ago and has since built up a multimillion-dollar personal rental portfolio consisting of two four-plexes, eight duplexes and six single-family houses (29 units total). He is also the host of a successful real estate investing podcast called The Rent Roll Radio Show where he interviews different highly successful real estate investors each week. Sterling is considered a thought leader in the industry and has been interviewed on six other podcasts to date. He is currently continuing to expand his real estate investing footprint through two avenues; growing his personal portfolio through buying distressed houses in the Baton Rouge market to renovate, refinance and rent out and through raising capital to syndicate large multifamily properties in growth markets across the Southeast.

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