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MISR EP65: 26-Unit Deal Nightmare Turned Success with Ingenuity

Joseph Bramante decided that if he were going to invest in real estate, he was going to go big or go home. People he knew were buying up single-family properties at rock-bottom prices and he wanted in on the action. The only thing was he wanted to buy 80 properties at once rather than buying one property at a time. After running into repeated roadblocks with lenders, there was one lender that suggested he simply by a multifamily apartment community instead. He purchased a 26-unit property, sight unseen, that seemed as though it was a home-run, or so he thought. Today, Joseph is the CEO of TriArc Real Estate Partners based in Houston, Texas where he is leading the company’s development and strategy for creating long-term investor value as they seek to acquire over 20,000 units in the next ten years.


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