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MISR EP68: The Savviest Investors Hold on to Their Winners

San Eng is an international investorpreneur that has an institutional investment background in venture capital, private equity, and family offices. In his early days as an entrepreneur, he raise over $100m, and he has deployed more than $500m in capital as an investor. Many of us out there working on syndicating real estate investments typically focus on attracting HNW individuals, which could be either accredited or sophisticated investors. There aren’t many people in our space that raise capital from institutional investors. I have found those individuals that are able to raise institutional money, tend to grow much faster. While our entire conversation is not solely focused on real estate investing, there are some important parallels you can grab onto and apply them to your business. One of those key points that stood out is timing of the exit. When is the right time to exit? Join me as we step into the mindset of an institutional investor.


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