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MISR EP72: Navigating Market Uncertainty

Matthew I. Paletz is the Chief Executive Officer of Paletz Law, located in Troy, Michigan. Matthew practices in the area of real estate litigation in Michigan and Ohio with an emphasis in landlord-tenant law, protecting the rights of creditors in bankruptcy and national fair housing defense of property owners. He also regularly presents training sessions for his clients on both legal best practices and the technology that is offered through PaletzTrack, the Firm’s mobile app that allows clients to monitor the status of their eviction cases online 24/7. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Ways the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his clients and how they operate.

  • How the pandemic may change how the legal system addresses landlord-tenant cases in the future.

  • Recommendations for communicating with tenants about rent collection during a time of uncertainty and more.

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