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An interview-based program that dives into the investor mindset when challenges arise.  We explore the decision-making process of successful real estate investors, learn about their mistakes and how you can make the right decisions to make you successful.

Episode 27: Social Media Strategies from The Cost Segregation King

If you haven’t heard of him, then you may not be on social media enough.  He not only helps investors save a tremendous amount of money on taxes, he also has helped countless numbers of people improve their LinkedIn networking skills.  He provides immense value to the community and is a person you should connect with right away.

Yonah Weiss was a teacher for 15 years that wanted something more.  He ended up working with a commercial mortgage brokerage firm, flipped a few houses in New Jersey, became a broker, and then ultimately became a cost segregation expert with the largest cost segregation firm nationwide.   When I think of “cost segregation,” Yonah Weiss is always the first name that comes to mind.

If you have been thinking about ways to improve your social media presence, do not miss out on this episode.


About Yonah Weiss:


Yonah is a gentleman with a wealth of experience in business, including loan origination, real estate brokerage and investment, cost segregation, and LinkedIn marketing.  Currently, Yonah is a leading cost segregation expert with Madison SPECS, a nationwide cost segregation company located in New Jersey that has done over 15,000 cost segregation studies across all 50 states and has resulted in over $3 Billion in tax savings.   Yonah has been invited on many real estate podcasts and hosted multiple webinars on cost segregation.  He is also the host of the LinkedIn #CRE10DayChallenge. 

Book Recommendation:

About Dion: 

Dion Huey is a Co-founder at Delta Bridge Capital LLC which is a multifamily real estate investment company that invests in value-add apartment communities in the United States. He earned a master's degree in finance at Northeastern University in 2017 and worked on multiple business syndications as a financial analyst for Boston-based Plateau Asset Management which is a private equity search fund that has $30 million AUM. In 2017, Dion was an analyst on a deal team that advised Citic Investment Bank's Hong Kong private equity division on the syndication of a $1.5 billion acquisition of a hotel in New York. He is currently the host of The Multifamily Investor Situation Room Podcast.

In 2010 he co-founded Rocky Mountain Education and Technology Group which is a Beijing-based education services company that has serviced more than 5,000 clients. In his spare time, Dion enjoys reading, martial arts, lifting, and learning foreign languages. Contact the author at

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