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If I had to choose any single determinant of the success of a real estate investment, it would be market selection.  Always buy in the path of growth.  If you do, you immediately tip the scales in your favor and have a higher probability of success.  A veteran investor could buy a class A asset in a declining area and lose.  A newbie could buy a class C or B asset in the path of growth and hit the jackpot.

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Multifamily Investor Situation Room

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Calculate a Loan Payment in 30 Seconds or Less

Lately, I have seen posts along the lines of " what would monthly debt service be if..." If you are sitting at a negotiating table and you want to get a quick rough idea of your monthly and annual debt service, you can do so in 30 seconds or less with a FREE financial calculator app you can download in the Apple app store. In this ten minute video, I show you how to use a financial calculator to calculate monthly payments and principal balances.

Creating a Loan Amortization and Interest Only Table in Excel

I put this video together for new real estate syndicators that are curious about some aspects of the financial modeling of a multifamily deal. While this video is not a complete step-by-step guide to real estate financial modeling, it will provide beginners with rudimentary knowledge and understanding of the logic and structure of loan amortization and interest table construction in Excel. Please note this video is not suitable for advanced financial modelers.

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About Me

At the core of my philosophy lies the conviction that the prevailing notion – that "your home is your greatest asset" – is deeply flawed. It's a narrative that has led countless individuals down a path of homeownership expectations, only to find themselves ensnared in the clutches of their own homes. We recognize the sacrifices homeowners make, trading cherished moments with family and leisure for relentless toil to cover mortgages, taxes, insurance, and upkeep costs. But can owning a home be liberating rather than constricting? 


Welcome to a new era of property ownership – one that empowers and liberates. Join us as we redefine the way properties elevate lives.

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